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LBP Model Team Information

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LBP Model Team

Want to be a model and create some art with me?

Get info below on how to join the

LBP Senior Model Team!

What is the LBP Model Team?

With Lindsey Buerger Photography, you belong!  This is an opportunity not only to shine brightly and create some art with me, but also to form new friendships, go on unforgettable adventures, and to be a part of something special that will build your confidence and encourage others to do the same throughout your senior year!

I’m always looking for high school students to represent Lindsey Buerger Photography during their Junior and Senior years.  As a member of the LBP Model Team, you’ll be invited to participate in artistic photoshoots and content days!

Belonging to this team gives you an opportunity to connect with other students you wouldn’t normally meet, build your courage as you prepare for life as an adult, and  inspire others! The LBP Model Team will represent Lindsey Buerger Photography by participating in a variety of artistic photoshoots and using social media to share your fun experiences on the team!

Not only does the LBP Model Team receive photoshoots and images to share on social media throughout their Junior and Senior years, they also become part of the Lindsey Buerger Photography family, and gain valuable out-of-the-box experiences which make their senior year even more memorable!

LBP Models Receive…

Being a part of the LBP Model Team means fun, artistic photo sessions throughout your Junior and Senior year! All the LBP Models get introductory headshots as well as several group concept photo sessions throughout your Junior and Senior years! There will even be exclusive pop-up photo sessions just for LBP Senior Models!

Individual Senior Session

In addition to the fun group sessions, each LBP Model Team member will receive their own individual Senior photo session planned with their unique personality in mind!


Opportunity to Earn Rewards

As LBP Model Team participants, models get an opportunity to earn rewards simply by sharing about Lindsey Buerger Photography. Sharing your senior photo experience, telling your friends about Lindsey Buerger Photography, and sharing photos from your sessions are all ways that you can spread the word and earn rewards such as bonus sessions and credits towards your artwork investment from your own senior portrait session.

Participate in Charitable Causes

Together we will decide on a charitable cause to invest some time serving with as a team. This is a great way to give back to the community as a group!


Fun Events and More!

The LBP Model Team, will get together for coffee dates, adventurous outings, and more! We are always looking for ways to create lasting connections which bond us together for a lifetime!

  • Max. file size: 40 MB.

The Application Process:

Step 1:

Email me at Lindsey@LindseyBuergerPhotography.com to get information and your application. Emailing me does not commit you to the program but it does get you all the info about the program!

Step 2:

I will review all the applications and contact applicants for an interview. During this time, you and your parent will learn even more about the program and be able to ask any questions you may have!  I will interview you (don’t worry its super informal!) to get to know you better!

Step 3:

After interviews are completed, those who make the team will be notified in a fun way!  Once you are notified, you can celebrate being part of the LBP Model Team and we will get started having fun with photo sessions and more!!!

Applications are accepted during your sophomore or junior year! To apply for the LBP Model Team, email Lindsey@LindseyBuergerPhotography.com


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